Albino Buck in Illinois white Buck


This local beauty was the inspiration behind the Campbell Illinois Whitetails logo.

Campbell Illinois Whitetails began it’s journey nearly 30 years ago, with a passion to help others achieve their dreams of


From that point, your hosts, John & Matt Campbell, started what would soon turn into a whitetail hunting hot spot for hunters across the country. Soon after the business started and rapidly proved itself as the “real deal” and a place where folks could go and trust they would get the results they were looking for, the Campbell Outdoor Challenge TV show began. The brain child of owner John Campbell, this show brought in celebrities and outdoor television enthusiasts to compete against one another in a televised series of hunts and events that would soon blow the phones up at the offices of Campbell Illinois Whitetails. With a then established company and whitetail hunters paradise in place, the company practiced smart business sense along with a whitetail and land management program that would keep hunter numbers to a minimum, a strong habitat and the whitetail population healthy and growing.

Despite what parts of the midwest deer population has seen in recent years, with relentless disease wiping out whitetail herds in large numbers, Southern Illinois has been lucky, with very little affected. With this taken into consideration, along with good management practices, and a hard-working team, we consider ourselves lucky to be able to offer you continued opportunities at that hunt you have been waiting for.

Ultimately, what you now have some 20 years later, is a well-established whitetail outfitter, with proven success for many years, from a family-owned business that will continue to satisfy hunters for many years to come!

We look forward to hunting with you,

The Team at Campbell Illinois Whitetails

Growing up in the country on a dairy farm, hunting, fishing and the outdoors became my world at a very young age! Once I was old enough, my parents bought me my first bow and taught me the importance of hunting and what it meant to the family farm. After my first couple years of bow hunting and taking several animals, I decided that this was not just my hobby, but a way of life that was going to stay with me.

We now live in Carmi Illinois, where I work as a guide for Campbell Illinois Whitetails and enjoy every minute I get to spend with hunters from across the country doing what it is we love to do.

Like most, I was introduced to this way of life from my father. At a very young age, I was fortunate enough to harvest my first deer, “a buck with my bow”, which sucked me into an obsession that quickly turned into much more. Deer hunting lead to turkey hunting, and turkey hunting lead to calling. Little did I know, I would not only enjoy the sport of calling as much as I did hunting, but I soon realized that I had a natural talent for it and began to call competitively throughout the country. Over the course of about 8 years, I traveled nationally and won multiple state competition’s, which opened up door after door for me, eventually leading me to Campbell Illinois Whitetails. I now live in Carmi, Illinois and work for Campbells full time. For the better part of the year on their farm, which gives me plenty of opportunity to keep track of our deer herds and the farms we hunt, as well as the ability to know these farms inside and out. It is my job and my pleasure to make sure you enjoy your time with us and get an opportunity at a buck of a lifetime.
My story may be slightly different than most. As a kid, my inspiration into the deer hunting world came from my cousins. They were big deer hunters and we were all around the same age, so it was a natural fit to all have the same hobbies. It was something I loved to do in my younger years, but as life goes, when families start splitting up and people go their separate ways, the sport slipped away from me as well. It wasn’t till years later, after having a family and my children growing a bit older that I realized I was missing something…..Quiet time spent 20 feet up in a tree! When I got back into it, I jumped in with both feet and dumped all my passions into spending time in the woods once again. Now, with the opportunity to be working with Campbell Illinois Whitetails and Guiding hunters on their dream hunts, my passions have grown that much more. Each day spent with a hunter, around camp, in a deer stand or dragging his or her trophy to the pickup, is a day well spent in my book..Can’t wait to see you at the lodge!