2010 Campbell Outdoor Challenge Archery Whitetail Championship

Campbell Illinois Whitetails recently hosted the 2010 Archery Whitetail Championship. Here is the recap of what happened:

All the teams hard work this past year will all come down to this one event. The 2010 Archery Whitetail Championship will determine who will be crowned Circuit Champions. With the top videographers in the industry and perfect weather conditions, this is set to be a great week!

October 31, 2010

Teams arrived decked out with camera gear in hand excited for this upcoming week. Everyone chatted and caught up with each other as the Teams checked in and drew for their spots, all hoping to get the best location. 

Later that night, John Campbell and Jeremy Leu welcomed the teams to the facilities of Campbell Illinois Whitetails and set the Challenge Rules.

Prime Rib dinner was catered By Billy Bob & Nina's Restaurant out of Enfield, IL. There was never a time when the cameras did not stop rolling!

November 1, 2010:
Competition begins 5am!

November 4, 2010:
It has been a tough week for the teams as they patiently wait for the perfect conditions to get the best video before they take a shot. This is the last event in the four event Circuit that will determine who will be crowned the 2010 Campbell Cameras Circuit Champions.

Team Matthews successfully submitted a filmed doe hunt yesterday (November 3, 2010). They were able to film the pre-harvest, harvest and recovery video that was necessary for submitting footage. Congratulations to Team Matthews, who are now leading this event.

As the weather continues to drop and with a chance of snow tonight, the deer should be a lot more active these next couple of days!

Best of luck to all the Teams!

Update: Team The Chase successfully submitted a Doe hunt and it is now in the process of being scored. This could mean a change in overall Circuit Standings! Stay tuned for more updates...

Team Xtreme Dream submitted a videoed doe hunt this evening adding conciderably to their circuit lead!!

On day 5 Team Road Less Traveled of Josh and Melinda submitted a successfully filmed doe hunt and also had their 2nd camera angle video!!
One half day remains in this Whitetail Championship to determine who will be the winners of this years archery whitetail championship and also find out who walks away as this years Campbell Circuit Champions!!! Historically the last half day has a major impact on the end results of the challenge circuit.
Congratulations to Jeremy and Heather Huntley of team A-Rak-A-Tak and Jesse and Justin of Team Victory Archery for submitting videoed doe hunts for scoring. Also this morning team Non Stop Hunting was successful in filming a buck hunt!!

Scores are being tallied now, to determine this years top places in the whitetail Championship and also the over all Circuit Championship!

Non-Stop Hunting submitted some of the best footage we have seen in this competition with their buck hunt but the buck (due in part to missing a G2) did not meet the minimum requirement set for this event. Congratulations to team Mathews for winning this years Whitetail Championship for the 2nd year in a row! 2nd place goes to Josh and Melinda of Team Road Less Traveled, and 3rd place (with their videoed hunt submitted on the last morning) goes to Jeremy and Heather of Team A-Rak-A-Tak

The over all Circuit Standings changed as well as team The Chase of Leigh and Travis take 4th, Sam and Cam Ketchersid of Team Lonestar secure 3rd place for the 2nd year in a row, Jeremy and Heather of Team A-Rak-A-Tak now move into 2nd place. and your new circuit champions of the 4 event Campbell Video Championship are Brad Koiman and Kacey Struckman of Team Xtreme Dream!!!! Congratulations to all, and many thanks to all participants for making this one of our best years yet!!!

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